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Taking Back Sunday Information

Taking Back Sunday is an American rock band from Long Island, New York that formed in 1999. The most current band members as of April 2010 are Adam Lazarra on vocals, John Nolan and Eddie Reyes on guitar, Shaun Cooper on bass and Mark O’Connell on drums. However, the band has had a lineup of members rotating in and out throughout the years that has caused a lot of tension in trying to appeal to their original fan base.

There has been a bit of controversy about former band members, who joined the band in the mid 2000’s, and how they were let go in favor of a former member and founding member. The band has confirmed that they have finished writing songs for their new album, with 15 tracks in store. While the members are just shy of retaining their founding lineup, they claim that they will not be reflecting on their past career and instead are looking for a fresh, new outlook on their music.

Taking Back Sunday has had an impressive run, boasting three gold albums, two of which hit top five (Where You Want to Be , and Louder Now) and an extensive touring profile, having headlined Warped Tour and performed with Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World and Linkin Park.

They are currently in the process of recording their fifth studio album, which is likely to be self-titled, in part reflects upon their returning band members taking on an entirely new perspective. The band decided to take advantage of their near-original lineup and put their instruments where their mouth was with a few big city live shows. With recording taking the backseat for the time being, the weeklong tour starts in New Jersey and ends in California for the third week in June.