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Rain - A Tribute to The Beatles Information

RAIN- A Tribute to the Beatles, was a Broadway show that opened in October 2010 and closed in July 2011, but stems from a production that has toured for years. RAIN is a group who started out performing Beatles’ songs, who then connected with members from the Broadway show, Beatlemania.

The current cast includes, Joey Curatolo, Robert "Mac" Ruffing, Ralph Castelli,[2] Joe Bologna, Doug Cox, Joe Bithorn, Tom Teeley, Jimmy Pou, Steve Landes, David Leon, Jim Irizarry, Mark Lewis, Mark Beyer, and Chris Smallwood. The cast takes turns playing each of the members of the Beatles-Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and a keyboard/percussion player- performing the songs as though it were a live Beatles concert.

In 2007, PBS aired a televised performance of the show in order to promote a tour that went through North America and Europe. The show continues to run because of its tremendous success.