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My Morning Jacket Information

My Morning Jacket is an American rock band that formed in Louisville, Kentucky. Fronted by singer/guitarist Jim James, the band rose to prominence with the release of their first two albums 1999’s The Tennessee Fire and 2001’s At Dawn featuring James’ reverb soaked vocals and haunting vocal styling. These two albums serve as landmark points for the band’s sound, which would continue to grow. They released their major-label debut It Still moves in 2003 and it features some of their most popular songs such as “One Big Holiday”, “Golden”, “Mahgeetah” and “Run Thru”. This album cemented them as a new force in rock music mixing infectious melodies and catchy tunes while still putting a focus on excellent musicianship and songwriting.

Their next album Z, released in 2006 is not only one of their best albums it is the first to feature the full current lineup of the band. With tracks like “Wordless Chorus” and “What A Wonderful Man” the band displays their versatility in sound as they shift from psychedelic landscapes to straight ahead rock. “Gideon”, a track that builds and builds to the point of explosion, is a staple in their live shows. The addition of Carl Broemel on guitar adding to the already solid lineup of Patrick Hallahan on drums, “Two-Tone” Tommy on bass and Bo Koster on Keyboards shows the band really coming into their sound and acting collectively in unison. The band saw themselves reaching a career high by performing with the Boston Pops for two nights and releasing the acclaimed live album and DVD Okonokos.

The band continued to earn their place in the mainstream music scene. In 2008 they performed an almost 4-hour set at that summer’s Bonnaroo music festival, which included guest appearances and a handful of covers. They were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live promoting the release of their latest album Evil Urges. They also earned a Grammy nod for Best Alternative Rock Album. As 2010 came around the band decided to celebrate their catalog thus far by taking up a 5 day residency at New York City’s Terminal 5 from October 18-23. With each night the band paid homage to one of their 5 studio albums. Their newest album was released in 2011 entitled Circuital.