• Earn 5% Back - Towards Future Orders
  • No Need to Sign Up or Join - Once You Buy You’re Earning Points
  • Dealer’s Choice - You Choose The Point Amount You Want To Use
  • Redeem Your Points - Online, By Phone or at any Ace Ticket Location
  • Log into My Account to check active and pending points at anytime.

How This Little Ticket Piggy Works

The Ace Ticket Loyalty Point Program is designed to reward our repeat customers. Every time you order at AceTicket.com, at an Ace Ticket store or with an Ace Ticket phone representative, you’ll earn 5% back towards a future order.

No need to sign up or join, once you buy you’re already in and earning points.You may redeem points online, by phone or at any Ace Ticket retail location.

But What If I've
Never Purchased Online

That’s okay if you’ve never purchased online, you can still view your points by activating your account. Simply click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login page. Enter the e-mail you would have given us when you purchased by phone or in person and we’ll e-mail you a temporary password for your online account.

If you need further assistance setting up the online account or aren’t sure if you gave us your e-mail you can call 1-617-783-3333 for assistance.

Okay, But What's The Catch?

Your Ace Loyalty Points become active once your order is confirmed at Ace Ticket. At that time they can be applied to any future order you place with us. If you order online you’ll have the option to apply your points when you are checking out on the site. To use in our stores or by phone, simply tell your rep that you’d like to apply your loyalty points to the order.

Ace Ticket Loyalty Points will remain valid and active as long as your next purchase is within a year of your last purchase. You don’t need to use earned points on your next purchase. If you prefer you can let your points build up in your Ace Ticket Piggy Bank for a later time.

Points can only be earned on orders that use cash, check or credit card. Orders placed through Trade/Barter organizations do not qualify for earning or redeeming points. Points cannot be redeemed or earned by Concierges or Ticket Brokers.Points can be earned but not redeemed for the following event types: Phantom Gourmet, Cage Titans, TV Diner, Gift Cards or any event where Ace Ticket is a primary seller. Points will be forfeited after 1 year of inactivity (no purchases within a year) with Ace Ticket. Loyalty points have no cash value and can only be redeemed on future purchases at Ace Ticket. Loyalty points that you earn can only be used by you on your account. Loyalty Points cannot be shared or given to another individual. Loyalty Points earned on orders that are declined, cancelled or for events that are not played or cancelled, will be forfeited. Points will not be earned on any Travel Packages sold through Ace Ticket (Super Bowl Trips, etc). Loyalty Points will not be earned on Super Bowl orders.