Joan Rivers Information

Comedian Joan Rivers, most known for her chill-inducing, loud, raspy voice and unabashedly spiteful humor, is coming full circle in her career at the age of 77. Then an up-and-coming actress/comedian working on-stage with the equally unknown Barbara Streisand, on late night show cameos and appearing as a red carpet personality, Joan Rivers is working to redeem her shot ‘80s image through the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, a full-length biopic about her life and her work (currently playing at both the Somerville and Coolidge Corner Theater) and a comedy tour. Her age may have caused a few wrinkles (followed by a few more botox injections), but her snarky comic ways have gone nowhere. Rivers will be performing on December 10th at Boston’s Wilbur Theater as part of the 7-show tour taking place this fall.