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Jimmy Eat World Information

Mesa Arizona's Jimmy Eat World can be hard to pin into one genre. Emo, power pop, pop punk, indie rock, and alternative rock all describe different points in the band's development. After getting some attention from Capitol Records early on in their career, Jimmy Eat World set out to record "Static Prevails", their major label debut. Jimmy Eat World enlisted Drive Like Jehu drummer Mark Trombino to record the album with them, and quickly found themselves in a unique position. They found that fans did not consider them to be sell outs because of being on a major label. 1999's Clarity, considered by many to be the "gold standard" of emo music, paired Jimmy Eat World and Trombino again. The band's popularity grew, but a strange relationship with their label led to them being let go later on in the year. Despite not having a record company, they recorded "Bleed American" on their own dime (working with Trombino again). Single "The Middle" and its music video were immensely popular on both the radio and MTV. 2004's "Futures" and 2007's "Chase This Light" cemented their reputation as one of the best "alternative rock" bands of the decade. Jimmy Eat World are celebrating the 10th anniversary of "Clarity" by playing the album in its entirety on their new tour. On February 26th, the tour will stop in Boston at the brand-new House of Blues.