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Heart Information

Heart’s early days had a rotating lineup, the only constant members being sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Their music is hard rock with folk rock influences and emphasis on the power ballad, having hit its peaks in popularity in the 70’s and again after a comeback in 1985. Heart’s debut album Dreamboat Annie (1975) had two major hits, “Crazy On You” and “Magic Man” which confirmed the rock and roll fervor of their sound. Little Queen followed their debut in selling over a million units, yielding the hit “Barracuda”. But later in 1978 the band split when Fisher had an on stage breakdown and the manager left Ann Wilson for another woman. Their 80’s albums contained a few chart-toppers but never had the initial success of their first two albums. Ann Wilson retained most of the band’s success through singing duets with major artists and being featuring on the Footloose soundtrack.

While Heart hasn’t released an album since 2004’s Jupiter’s Darling, the band announced in March that a new album will be released, which we can now expect to be released on August 31st. The release of this album is being accompanied by an extensive US tour, which began in January and will wrap up in late August. The album is said to contain 14 new tracks and a 20-track DVD release from the Seattle show in March will be available upon the album release date. Their current tour dates have featured a slightly different set list compared to past tours, with tracks from the new Red Velvet Car, side projects of the band members as well as hits from their classic rock era. Heart will be in Boston at the Bank of America Pavilion July 28th. Heart is also appearing at Lilith Fair for a few summer dates in Chicago and San Francisco.