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Gretchen Wilson Information

Unlike most country stars, whose fame builds with their massive collections, Gretchen Wilson seemed to have risen to stardom overnight, with her hit “Redneck Woman” back in 2004. But rather than burst to flames and fizzle out after receiving five awards as an up and coming country vocalist, Wilson’s second album All Jacked Up received even more success, going platinum shortly after its 2005 release. With a rough sound and rebellious nature, Gretchen Wilson has been able to capture a rugged country edge through a fresh, honest perspective. With one daughter from a past marriage, Wilson decided to finish what she had started so many years back and took a break from her musical career to receive her G.E.D. at age 34 and has since become an enthusiast for adult education programs and literacy.

Gretchen Wilson has since eased back into music, with 2007’s One of The Boys and followed up with 2010’s I Got Your Country Right Here. The single from her latest album “Work Hard, Party Harder” stirred up some copywriting controversy from the Black Crowes which has not yet been resolved. The album was concocted through an investment of time, thought and energy on Wilson’s part, all which she left very much so paid off, calling it “the album of her career”. Wilson is currently on tour, with eight more dates through October. The Illinois-bred singer will head west for several shows in California and Nevada before returning to the south to wrap up her tour in White Creeks, TN on October 24th.