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Evanescence Information

Since 1999 the success of Evanescence has been on the rise. The alternative rock band that hails from Little Rock, AK has dealt with a lot in the last few years from instilling their image to the public and fans as well as replacing band members amidst world tours and album releases. Their dreams were answered when their first major album, Fallen sold a whopping 14 million albums worldwide. The album was certified as 6x platinum and spent 43 weeks on the Billboard Top Ten. As of April 2005, Fallen was one of eight albums in the history of the chart to spend a full year in the Billboard Top 50. Their major label debut single, "Bring Me to Life" was a global hit and reached #5 on the Billboard Top 100 and reached #1 in the UK where it stayed for 4 weeks.

The band was founded by lead singer and songwriter Amy Lee and former lead guitarist Ben Moody. At first, the band couldn't play live shows and hire professional help because of money troubles. The band didn't even have enough money to put on any live shows. But when the band performed popular songs like, "Understanding" and "Give Unto Me", they rampantly made their way on local music charts and created a popular demand for live performances.

Originally, the band was considered to be part of the Christian Rock scene and for a short time was promoted heavily in Christian stores. The success helped the band commercially, however the band didn't want to be considered and labeled a Christian rock band and after the word spread amongst Christian store Evanescence's albums were pulled from their shelves. The bands' ex-guitarist and keyboard player, David Hodges, left the band because of the Christianity topic. Later some of the members of the band stated publicly that the major reason for Hodges' leaving was because the band felt that Hodges' was taking the band into too much of a Christian direction than the band felt comfortable with.

With newer members of the band including Amy Lee and Terry Balsamo, John LeCompt, Rocky Gray, and Tim McCord, the band has recently released, "Open Door" and is scheduled for a worldwide tour. The band has also managed to receive 2 Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance and Best New Artist in 2004.