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Detroit Red Wings Information

The Red Wings are one of the original six NHL teams as well as one of the most successful franchises in all professional sports, winning eleven Stanley Cups in their history. Detroit has not missed the playoffs since the 1989-90 season, and has won their division 18 times.

The Red Wings last won the Stanley Cup in 2008 after defeating the Pittsburg Penguins in six games. They returned to the finals the following year, but it was Pittsburgh’s turn to claim the cup after a hard fought seven game series. Detroit has been showcasing some of their best play in the past two years, and looking ahead it seems as though not many things should change.

In the 2011 playoffs, they beat the Coyotes in four straight games in the quarter-finals, but lost to the Sharks in a seven games series. In February 2012, the Red Wings set the NHL record for most consecutive wins at home in a single season. They won their 23rd consecutive home game by defeating the San Jose Sharks. The Red Wings also made it to the playoffs as the 5th seed. This was their 21st straight playoff appearance. They were defeated in five games, however, by the Nashville Predators.

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