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Red Sox vs Yankees

There is no better rivalry in MLB or in any Pro Sport than Red Sox vs Yankees. Regardless of how either team is doing this year, when Boston and New York get together you are bound to see a great game. Ace Ticket is your best source for all Red Sox tickets including Red Sox vs Yankees tickets.

Since the beginning of this country's history there has been a rivalry between Boston and New York City. The two East Coast cities have competed for prominence as Boston is the birth place of the country and the center of intellectualism with countless universities including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. New York, once seen as Boston's dirty little brother, is the culture capital of the world and arguably a beacon of making it in America. This rivalry has been kept alive through two of baseball's oldest teams, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.

Since the Red Sox sold the legendary Babe Ruth to the Yankees on January 3rd, 1920 there has been an intense rivalry between the two teams. After the sale, the Red Sox' success between 1901 and 1920 would be sent with Ruth to New York. It took 86 years between Boston's fifth and sixth World Series championships while New York had a 20th century dynasty, winning 26 titles in that time.

The rivalry was intensified in the 1940's when baseball legends Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio were on top of the game. In 1941, DiMaggio's feat 56 game hit-streak edged out Williams'.406 batting average to win the American League MVP race.

The teams have been involved in physical altercations as well. In 1973, Yankees catcher Thurman Munson crashed into Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk in a failed squeeze-bunt attempt. This resulted in Munson punching Fisk in the face and a bench clearing brawl ensued. More recently, ex-Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemons hit Manny Ramirez with a pitch in a 2003 American League Championship game. A brawl ensued and ended up with Pedro Martinez tossing 72 year-old Yankee's bench coach Don Zimmer to the ground. Later in the game, Yankee players Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia would attack a Fenway Park grounds keeper and assault and battery charges would be filed against the two players.

The 1978 season had to be decided by 163rd game between the Red Sox and Yankees to decide the winner of the American League East pennant. Bucky Dent would give the Yankees the lead for good in that game with a three run homerun in the top of the seventh inning. In similar fashion, Aaron Boone hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning of game seven of the 2003 ALCS. Boone's grandfather, Ray Boone, was a scout for the Red Sox for over three decades.

The last time the two teams met in the playoffs was in 2004 on the Red Sox path to their first World Series in 86 years. The Red Sox became the first team in baseball history to win a seven game series after being down three games to none before sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals to break the Curse of the Bambino. Although the Curse has been broken the rivalry is as strong as ever. Every time these two teams meet there's a playoff atmosphere in the stadium and even in the era of free agency and friendly rivalries there's pride for each team's city on the line.